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Lara Kroeker Interactive

POST 13: Projects

Spent the day looking at the different community projects that are going to be add ons on the ODA tours. The one that is most exciting is the nursery because an older man is donating his land near the pump and we are going to dig up the land and plant trees. Richard is coming to kondoa to advise us what trees to plant and the overall long term plans. I love digging in the ground wherever I am and this time it will be red soil underneath my nails.

We are going to do some outdoor kitchens and sac gardens as well. I think what will happen is Richard is going to teach at the school for the children and families.

Talked to roman (power providers) who will also meet us there with the new part for the pump.

Abu will also be there working on the different projects. There is a community chicken coop and sustainable bee hives. We are trying to figure out what will be interesting for tourists and how they can be involved for an afternoon.

Zoe is pretty excited about being with the school kids and we are arranging an afternoon of art and media. She is getting some of the kids to help with her art project and then she will show them the cameras and computers. Have no idea how that will work but its in the plan. She is initiating some kind of email pen pals.

It’s exciting and hard at the same time, trying to figure out how to work together.

Our favourite projects