Project Description

A Water Well in Tanzania
The Iyoli Water Project

In a tiny little village in Tanzania – not even on the map – there is a hole 170 meter deep in the earth that supplies water, using solar technology, to 7 distribution points around the village.  I spent 2 months documenting the construction of this well and living life in the village. I also worked with the local community to create a video series in English and Swahili that that was developed as an educational tool at the secondary school.

In 2016 Strathcona Elementary, a public school in Vancouver, partnered with Iyoli primary, a village school in Tanzania as part of a virtual exchange program called THE VIRTUAL: CO:LAB (2016).  School kids in Vancouver created an awareness campaign called #H2OPE that alerted the international community that Iyoli, their sister school, was in need of a clean water supply.  In December 2017 Innovation: Africa secured funding and in April of 2018 Lara Kroeker went to document the project for 2 months.

Project History

Over the years, people have asked me about the two water projects in Tanzania, and, through emails and blog posts, I’ve shared bits and pieces of an incomplete story, but I wanted to collect the whole thing—from the beginning. Not just for you, but for me—to help understand how I got there—wherever there is. And now that I’ve pieced together my story, I’m not sure what it all means, but maybe that’s the point. Maybe our stories are never finished.

But here’s mine.

You are welcome to read the story online or download an ebook. If you want to have a print version you can pay for the printing costs through Blurb and order a copy for yourself.

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