Project Description

Musical Spaces

Musical Spaces celebrates unsung Canadian musicians in the places that they write and play music. These artists aren’t world famous YET – they don’t have a place on Spotify’s top 10 playlists, they don’t make a lot of money, and they sometimes play to five people in a cafe.  But that doesn’t discourage them from creating their art.

In this ten-part digital series, our audience will discover ten brilliant British Columbia-based musicians and hear their songs performed in their personal creative spaces.

…and those creative spaces can be as interesting as the musician. Musical Spaces combines the poignant and not-quite-candid street portraits of “Humans of New York” and the live casual feel of “Tiny Desk Concerts” to create an intriguing look at the inner life of ten extraordinary Canadian musicians.

Lara Kroeker Producer/Director/Writer

Lara is a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art & Design with 15 years of experience creating and developing websites and online projects. Lara combines her talent for aesthetics with a deeply practical tech savvy-ness culminating in beautiful designs with National Geographic quality visual  narratives.

Her interest for this project comes from being a performing violin player and singer who has played and toured across Canada and the US with indie groups Attics and Cellars, Sparrow (North America 2007), The Beauticians (Folk Festivals), The Insomniacs and The Mudlarks. She played with K-OS backup on the George Strombolopolis show, played festival stages with the legendary Odetta, performed on Canada Live on CBC Radio 2 with Attics and Cellars and in the Vancouver Philharmonic.

Lara also hosts a yearly live concert series called the Eastside Music Series with musicians from different communities, genres, ages and backgrounds. The songs are recorded with CBC Engineer Derek Bird in one take in her East Vancouver home and later given to the musicians as a gift.  This has evolved into many nights of live music that host many of these same musicians.  From this diverse musical background Lara is connected to a myriad of musicians from all over Canada.

Lara’s work has been recognized by the Webbies for 5 consecutive years (Hit the Road) and she teaches website workshops in addition to running a web development company.