Unfortunately, you can’t just wing it when creating a new website.

…so here are some important questions you need to ask yourself before launching into a full-fledged website design—or redesign. Many factors go into designing a website, and if you’re building a new one for your brand, organization, or film, you’ll want to nail it the first time around.

While it might be tempting to dive headfirst into all the fun stuff like design, functionality and adding all the bells and whistles, first you’re going to have to create your website’s foundation so that it is exactly what you need for your organization. That’s where these questions come in.

Ask better questions and get better results!

They will make the entire process move along more quickly as your team will know what you want and make communication clear and efficient. If there are disagreements about the sites direction these questions help you and your team create a unified front which will eliminate friction throughout the process.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, these questions will help your brand find the right web design developer for the job. Ideally, stick to a one-stop-shop approach. Find one dedicated team capable of handling all the services associated with building a website while maintaining a wholly consisted vision.

These questions will lead to making all the right choices – so that you do not have a digital nightmare on your hands.