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How do you create online order from chaos?

One of the most important things I do for every single client I take on is help them organize all of the information that they have online.  Most of my clients have been running an organization for awhile and know what to do so they have bits and pieces of media all over the place.  I make sure that is rounded up and pulled together into one document for easy reference and then as we develop the site together the purpose of each platform is clarified.

Your website is the way that you tie everything all together and organizing your digital life can be life changing. The average person spends eleven hours a day interfacing with electronic devices of some kind. Now, more than ever, it’s important to organize your digital life to be happier and more productive. It’s amazing how small changes can alter your entire experience with your digital and electronic devices.

Write it all down – everything – your contact information, social profiles, the online tools you use. The simple act of writing all this information down will serve a great purpose: it will help you get organized, create order from the chaos. Yes, it’ll be a chore, and may make you think you’re in high school again, but staying organized makes the website design process (and life in general) easier in the long run. Most of your content will be all over the place. This cleanup will overhaul it and allow you to reassess what you are doing and why.

Once it is all written down what you need to do becomes obvious and it is different for everyone.  THe goal of a site should be to keep all public facing things accessible from the website and business facing ones in one place accessable by you and your team.

Sometimes cleaning up someones online presences takes hours and then finding bit and pieces as I move with the development process happens too.

So young lady – clean up your room!

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