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Design & Development

We’ve listened and learned about your business. We’ve created a plan to make sure we’re all on the same page. Now’s the time to start the creative technology process.

This is the heavy lifting phase where we always start with content – usually by diving into your content inventory and often creating new content if needed, – from visuals, branding to illustrations and video.

Then we iterate UX (User Experience) while crafting your new look and feel resulting in static and sometimes functional prototypes.

As this process moves through the development process iteratively, we set up your hosting,  and start assembling all the parts through front end development and back-end programming.

As your new site takes form we test thoroughly using our our QA(Quality Assurance) process before launching your project.

We host all projects we develop on our state of the art Google Cloud Compute/Amazon/Cloudflare Platform built for WordPress. We boast the capacity to scale your site to very large traffic and security against malicious attacks.

LKI Design and Development Process:

  • Detailed wireframes
  • Detailed Functional requirements
  • Brand Visual Ecosystem
  • Website production design
  • Art - Photography, Video, illustrations and Animation
  • CMS development — WordPress is our preferred solution
  • Theme creation and customization
  • Site customizations
  • Custom Features and Functionality Programmed
  • E-commerce store development
  • QA — quality and assurance testing
  • Google Analytics configuration and customization
  • Deployment to our production servers
  • Security Review and Protections enabled
  • Audience Scaling CDN installed
  • Launch of your site

Now your new website is live to the world. Our relationship has just begun. Now its time to grow and sustain your new site.