It’s a little bit custom and a little bit rock and roll.

Custom templates 🙂

Developing a custom website is not always in the budget. We have developed custom templates that we KNOW will go into a website from years of work and doing thousands of websites. Our templates are a little different from your run of the mill themeforest temaples in that I offer 1 hour training to go along with your new and hosted website.

So it FEELS like alot for a template but I set you up from beginning to end and show YOU how to add your own content.

I also offer canva templates so you can roll with socials. (don’t know where this fits into this)

It’s like getting a premium custom website that will fit into what most people will need. PLUS an hour of training . That’s like attending 5 workshops in a row just to get you up to speed.

Who’s it for people like the environmental Youth Alliance who don’t have the budget for a custom full on website package.

Like a small entrepreneur without the big busget but a little more savey than the DIY pserson.

The eommerce sites I’m not entirely sure yet…