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New Updates

So much has happened since we last updated the website. We got a CIDA Grant and we are now in the final process of signing documents and waiting for the check to arrive. In the meantime Moshi has mobilized the village to start building the reservoir. All of our current documents are now online in […]

Tanzanian Companies

Dear Lara, Loc and Zoe…. Previously I sent you an email with quotation for Engine pump; next previously I sent you another quotation for the Solar differences 2 price. There shop sale solar equipments. Here down find the new quotation with a very good price compare with the first ones I sent you. 1..Pump type- […]

Details for the small reservoir

Dear Lara As we will not work with the main reservoir, so the small water reservoir should be implemented not far from the water point. The main reservoir will need the survey; the survey will be done with 2 technicians from district water department, and the work need 2/3 days that will include with water […]

I met the district water engineer

Hi Lara, I would like to let you know that I met the district water engineer. Find down here what he consults me with Cheku water project:- 1. In case we need to build a reservoir/ 2 small water tank at the project site, this is cheap, not needed survey to build. Disadvantage the local […]

Cheku village is 3720

Dear Lara, Thank you… The women 1057, children 1157, youth 222, old women 170, old men 230 and men 884 the total population of Cheku village is 3720. This is latest data. Tomorrow I will go to meet a senior water district officer; my intention is to look any assistance for the pump installation and […]

Mr. Bago, the water technician, says it is wise to use a Solar Pump

Hi Lara,,, Thanks, I would like to let you know that I talked to Mr. Bago, water technician he told me that is very and wise idea to use solar pump, it;s very possible. True that this going to happen again. Tomorrow I will start doing shop around for the cost, I will send all […]

The Community is starting to build a reservoir

1. Today I called Cheku village executive officer, we had very nice talking through mobile phone for Water project moving forward. 2. The bricks are ready and they had bunrnt them to be more stronger, when bricks made color is dark/pale, when you burn them by fire turned RED color. The time Cheku community made […]

Finally an Update

It has been many months since we updated the site but we are thinking about the pump and coming up with a plan for raising the money. To date Moshi is mobilizing the community to build a reservoir.  In the meantime we are getting a few more quotes for pump options and Moshi is looking […]

Final Water Test Results

Hello all, Looks like the timing for the Barndance Waterproject Celebration is perfect. We got the results (attached to this and the following email). Water quality is good (they haven’t tested the microbials) and using my judgment, we will be able to go ahead with a hand pump. I will conference with Mark next week […]

DAY 215: OCTOBER 24th, 2009

Hi Hoping all are fine, I am fine too. Find down an detailed email with water pumping water test as I promised to do it. I am at the water project site, many women, children and babies carried by their mothers are in here to either witnesses the water pumping water test or collecting the […]