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Zoe blog 13

After this trip I’m not so sure I’ve changed that much. I mean I definitely was exposed to a lot of new and incredible things but I still feel Like the same old zoe. I still sing to myself and I still like to dance when no ones looking.

Zoe Blog 12

Most people are extremely poor here except for the few that are rich, there is no middle class. Everybody talks about money all the time because they need it to survive. Even 50 TSH which is equivalent in canadian money to less than a penny, is a lot for some people in the small villages.

Zoe Blog 11

It is very hard to access health care here because it’s expensive and the people don’t have the money. So when people get sick and need help they can’t do anything about it. Water is essential for living, you can’t cook or grow anything.

Zoe Blog 10

Today was even more intense than the last. waking up to squat toilets and cold showers is normal now. We had breakfast and went straight to Cheku village this morning after buying the plants for. We got avocado’s and mangos and so many more plants that will help out these communities.

Zoe Blog 9

The Second day. To be honest having the villagers surround us at all times gets annoying. They just don’t stop staring directly at you. Feeling their breathes on the back of your head, its like your constantly in a crowd. I can barely move around because I’m scared of stepping on their feet.

Zoe Blog 8

These past few days have been allot to process. Every day feels like ten. We came to Kondoa town 3 days ago and everything is so much more different than any of the big city’s me and mom have been in. 1 st day our plan was to go check out the bee boxes for […]

Zoe Post 7

6:30am we woke up to the sound of the roosters wake up call. As we made our way to the showers and got ourselves ready for the day excited to visit a new town. Hopping up onto the bus for the third time was a whole new experience.

Zoe Blog 6

I used to want to grow up really fast but now after being here i’ve decided that i don’t ever wanna get older, being a kid is way more fun.

ZOE blog post 5

The hotel room is as small as my closet. There are 2 rickety and and musty twin beds with furry floral blankets on either side of the room. Yet the city is beautiful.

ZOE blog post 4

Health is so important. I always forget how lucky we are in Canada. We have so much and we always take it for granted. Here in Africa even just simple things like taking a shower is a big deal, like for example this morning there was only freezing cold water that was barely dripping from […]