I design and build wordpress sites for movers, shakers, innovators, change-makers, disruptors and creators who don’t follow the beaten path; they blaze their own trail. They are driven, and they can’t even quite explain why.

That’s me as well.

For three years, I led an effort to bring water to the people of a Tanzanian village too small to even be on the map. Over the span of nearly 3 months, we dug a 170-meter-deep hole that – with the help of solar technology – supplied water to 7 points around the village. For the duration of construction, I lived in the village and documented the process, and life there.

I saw hunger and joy, determination and frustration. I saw a little part of life that wasn’t fair and saw things that shook me to the core, but I also saw myself myself fight for something with a drive so deep that I have no idea where it came from.



I’ve come out on the other side of this experience knowing who I am and where my strengths lie. I know not only when to say “yes,” but also “hell no.” Understanding myself in such a way allows me to devote myself to client projects all the better.

I’m well-traveled and curious, with a love for British Columbia and an interest in culture. I live through travel and grew up on tour buses. My mother was a travel host and planned niche tours all over the world. I often left school for a few weeks to join the group. I grew up differently, so I view the world with a little twist.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve built a catalog of skills that all seamlessly blend together – developer, website designer, strategist, musician, and artist. I can take beautiful pictures while diving deeply and fearlessly into communities to tell an authentic story.

It’s all been fueled by my love of music – and good food, and good coffee, and craft beer. I want to experience the world and other cultures. I love the arts and music, but most of all I love people. The weirdos, the eccentrics, the crazies – all of them.

I can also be a little bit random.

I want to work with other people who seek fairness in the world, who see it in an empathetic way. I’m not looking for complete altruists, but people who approach business in such a way that provides a fair service. These are my types of people.

I do things a little bit differently, and today I realize that it’s my gift and it’s what I want to pass on in the work that I do – in every website that I create, in every project that I undertake.

If you just need help building a website, then I’ve assembled plenty of tips, because I want all good projects to succeed - even if you don't have a budget.

If you're looking for something built from the ground up with a solid strategy, and as an expression of you and your business, then let's talk!



An Emily Carr University of Art & Design graduate, Lara combines her talent for aesthetics with a deeply practical tech savvy-ness culminating in beautiful designs that last. A confident and engaging educator, Lara's workshops combine interpersonal warmth, play, and laughter in exploring the world of website design. A web strategist and developer for over 15 years, Lara's work has been recognized by Webbies for 5 consecutive years (Hit the Road).