Adding a social media strategy to your WordPress site is important and there are many tools and plugins at your disposal, BUT it doesn’t mean you should use them all!

For example, adding a plugin that pulls a social media feed (like Facebook) into your WordPress page does not make sense because isolated feeds (i.e.: embedded into a WordPress page) are taken out of that platform’s context, AND they can make your WordPress page unsightly. Your goal should be to use your site to collect “likes”​ and “follows”. The like and follow buttons can be subtle and cute and tastefully integrated into your page WITHOUT using plugins so that your site remains beautiful and clean.

Step-by-Step Guide for a Small Facebook “like” Button

  • Choose URL
  • Pick the URL of the desired Facebook Page.
  • Code Configurator
  • Paste the URL to the code configurator and adjust settings like the width of your like button. Click the get code button to generate your like button code.
  • Copy & Paste the HTML snippet
  • Copy and paste the snippet of code into your WordPress site, page, or widget from the iframe tab and then paste into your WordPress page in the text view.

Note: Your Twitter profile already has a Follow button to help users follow you, but you will not see the option to follow your account when you view your own profile (because you can’t follow yourself). The key is to develop and understand your strategies.