Too Many Plugins

Wordpress Tips and Tricks

Plugins are powerful and handy and beautiful but just because you can add a plugin doesn’t mean that you should.  There are a few things that you should know.

  1. There can be conflicts with different plugins so there more plugins you install the more likely this is to happen.  Less is always more!
  2. Plugins need to be updated and if you have a plugin that is not compatable with your current version of wordpress then it may break that feature of the site.
  3. Look at the date the plugin was last updated before you download it.  If it was in 2001 you know that nobody is taking care of it.
  4. In general I buy my plugins UNLESS they are the standard ones or freemium plugins.

Many premium sites are developed with the plugins included. Try to stick with it because you will know those plugins work with your theme (of course there are always exceptions). On my site if I don’t have to use a plugin I don’t because the more you have installed the more that things can go wrong.

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