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I always get asked questions about sizing photographs and it is indeed a very important detail for your site.  The more consistent you keep your photographs the more professional your site will look but don’t let yourself get bogged down by details and too many options.  Know that your camera takes pictures 2 ways, horizontally and vertically, and it’s in high resolution so when you download a photograph you will have to resize it to make the photo smaller (and download faster on a website).

When I think about sizing for websites I (usually) have 3 standard sizes that I work with:

  1. Horizontal (1920 X 1280)
  2. Square (1920 X 1920)
  3. Vertical (1280 X 1920)

These are all proportions that come from most cameras (except square format) and the screen resolution is 72 DPI.  Sometimes I use custom sizing but it has to be for a darn good reason!

Social platforms also have standard sizes that you need to work with and if you try to put a horizontal photograph into a square profile pictures it is going to get cropped.  Understand the sizing and you will also have much nicer social feeds.

I am constantly asked what program to use for resizing which, in the past, was hard to answer because photoshop is my tool and it’s expensive and a HUGE learning curve.  Wordpress now has a fantastic editing tool where you can resize your photographs directly inside wordpress.

WordPress is highly customizable and there are a myriad of details and options.  If you would like to take a WordPress Bootcamp workshop or want custom consulting for your company or organization’s site call (604) 724-7103.  I love teaching people how to stay in control of their own sites.

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