Everyone has something to say, I can make you heard.

I am currently working with Innovation Africa and enjoy working with NGOs or not-for-profits who seek visual stories or projects that benefit from increased visibility. I thrive in emergent visual story-telling, where we figure out the narrative on-site, live, and work with “what is” in local communities. I know how to create engagement with a soft footprint, and to self-minimize so the stories of those around me are amplified. I am a one-person media team who is light on the budget as a result.

  • iyoli

    Iyoli Water Project

    The Iyoli Water Project and innovation: africa have teamed up to dig a well in the village of Iyoli that will be completed in 2017.

  • hope-590×332

    Virtual Exchange

    Two schools committed to learning about each other using art, story and technology. (Tanzania and Vancouver)

  • vcl

    The Virtual CO: Lab

    Cross cultural learning through hands on education, sustainable development, and exchange labs using the latest technology.

  • Featured-Images

    Tanzania Tours

    A local Tanzanian community led business that focus on water, education and employment.

  • cheku-590×332

    Cheku Water Project

    A solar powered well built in Cheku Tanzania in 2008 and funded by an inner-city elementary school in Vancouver.

  • Featured-Images

    Eastside Music Series

    Eastside music is a party that happens every year, bringing together musicians from different genres, ages and communities.