Ennui of the Ordinary


The power of images to communicate, to change minds and to create, is immeasurable but from selfies to never-ending Instagram feeds, the world is drowning in images.  In the 1850s the rise of photography made many painters, who had previously made a living from painting family portraits, redundant.  Now, it’s the photographers who are disappearing.

Increasingly, people don’t value photography, that we can do just as well ourselves, because we have access to hi-resolution cameras but we need to remember that a photograph is more than just an image.  It’s a visual story and photographers have worked hard to hone their craft.  They think about composition, understand colour, depth of field, light, exposure and even the psychology of how to make someone feel comfortable. It’s an art.

When every mobile phone is also a digital camera and pictures can be shared instantly across the globe, it is clear how important images are but it has also allowed a steady stream of ugly into our feeds. In such a visual bombardment only the exceptional stands out against the ennui of the ordinary.


Part of what makes a website beautiful is the photography but how do we differentiate ourselves from all of these images?  It’s easy.  You make them professional and beautiful.  So if you can afford it, hire someone.

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