Choosing the Right Developer

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When you decide to work with a WordPress developer to create a professional website it’s like getting married because you will be together for a long time (hopefully).  A web developer relationship can be one that flourishes “til death do you part” or comes back to haunt you on a monthly basis, like a crazy ex.  A poorly built site that requires you to pay for constant repairs, functionality you “forgot” or minor changes will not only suck money out of your wallet but will drive you crazy, stealing time that you should be using to run your business. Trust is a key component in this relationship so that good decisions are made on your behalf.

Every website starts with a wireframe which is the equivalent of good communication in a relationship.  Both parties must work together to come up with a wireframe that:

  • Meets goals
  • Makes the site easy to navigate
  • Is reasonable considering timelines and budget

Once the map is laid out it’s time to say “I do” and quality counts. A good WordPress developer knows when to use premium plugins and themes and how to fit your unique website puzzle together.  The wireframes are key in knowing how to properly structure your site and what plugins to use. When you don’t use tools properly your next web developer will be happy to hear from you but you, on the other hand, will be unhappy and bring dirty laundry from a bad relationship. Not a great start!

When you invest in a relationship, you take care of it, maintain it and work out problems and the same goes for a website. The Internet is always evolving—technologies advance, user expectations transform, and best practices change—and your site needs to evolve with it.

In addition you just have to find the right personality fit with your developer.  If a developer make you feel stupid, run! You are hiring a developer for their knowledge and they should be able to guide you in the right direction and build a site that you can control. Anything outside of trust that your site is being handled well is a dysfunctional relationship and you know what happens when that happens! Divorce.

 WordPress is highly customizable with a myriad of details and options.  If you are interested in a WordPress workshop or want custom consulting for your organization call (604) 724-7103.  Sign up for my newsletter to stay up to date on WordPress workshops, learn tips and tricks and receive international project updates.

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